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World War II Shelter

Having been recently opened to the general public, the Shelter is one of the largest underground locations of its kind in Malta. Dug entirely by hand it reaches a depth of twelve metres and extends to an overall length of two hundred and twenty five metres.

This Shelter today provides a better understanding of the life led by the Maltese during the Second World War, where locals and tourists alike may relive the experience of descending into the depths of this underground maze to bear witness to the harsh reality of the life in a shelter.

The Shelter served as both as a home and a temple, as well as a place of refuge for the people of Mgarr during the wrath of the enemy blitz during the Second World War. It was also a place where families spent long hours and where children learnt their first and toughest lessons about life and the world in which they would grow up. For us, the shelter represents something which we would want to relive today, and a reminder of a life we would never want to return to.

Access to the Shelter is through the Restaurant, and guided tours are offered from Tuesday to Sunday.

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