Our Story

Il-Barri Restaurant has been run by the Sammut family since its opening in the 1940. In the early days, it was a humble coffee shop run by the late Karmnu Sammut and his wife Pawla, where it mainly served the then stationed British servicemen in Malta – and this is precisely when our ‘Fenkata’ was first served.

Over the years, the restaurant underwent several refurbishments, and additional food dishes were introduced to the menu. In spite of the changes which have taken place along the years, our food rationale remains unchanged – traditional, genuine and generous.

In recent years, we have also opened the underground war shelter to the general public – which represents yet another side of our history. Dating back to the 1940’s, the Shelter has served as an abode for many families during War War II. Read more here.

Today, the Restaurant is run by the children and grandchildren of Karmnu and Pawla Sammut, who plan on taking this family affair forward to the next generation.

The Food

Faithful to our tradition, we consider the local dishes to be the highlight of our menu. Our specialty remains the ‘Fenkata’. – which is said to be the best on the Islands. Served in earthenware casserole dishes, one may opt for fried rabbit with garlic, rabbit served in wine gravy or rabbit stew.  Other traditional dishes which are also highly sought after include beef olives (bragoli), horsemeat and quail.

Over the years, we have also introduced various Mediterranean dishes to our menu, to ensure that all our customers’ tastes are met. As a result, our menu today boasts of a full range of items such as pasta, pizza, salads, meat, soups – as well as home-made desserts.

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The Restaurant

Located in Mgarr, right in the heart of the village square, the Restaurant is open for dinner seven days a week. Being set out on three levels, the Restaurant lends itself well to various functions; including staff dinners, as well as, business conferences.  Each dining space can be run independently, and therefore it is possible to offer privacy to clients wishing to have reserved areas for specific functions.

Parking is hassle free, since ample space is available in the main street, and nearby side streets.

  • Lunch, dinner and coffee or drinks
  • Bookings accepted
  • Delivery available
  • Parking available (side streets)
  • Free wi-fi
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